Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Catching Up On Posts

I actually don't know how I will go about catching up on the huge amount of stuff I've done since the end of last year where I was cut off from my blogging-bliss. I'll try my best to post some 'older' stuff every now & then. Just bear with me if it's an older image which you have seen before. I'll tell a bit of a story with it to make it interesting. :)

For now, I'll start off with 1 image that I've retouched. It's a bit of an older image, but still had huge potential to be retouched better. With a trip to the Northern Cape (that story later), I had some breathtaking mountain ranges to shoot & use as comp backgrounds. Thats where this one comes from, somewhere between Cape Town & Poffadder. Yes, I in fact found this place. A 1 donkey town really... and 1 resturant that can't spell to save their donkey. But that's another story.

So here is the image I've retouched. You will immediately notice it from a while ago. The GWM 4x2 Steed which I had for the day for a shoot. Hope you enjoy...

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