Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wiel Mag: OPC vs Reno

Some time ago, I did a shoot for Wiel Magazine. We did a shoot-out between the Opel OPC & Reno (something). (You can see I'm no Reno fan :P )

I'm not the biggest fan of doing car parkade shoots, as it is a location that is SO over-used in the whole automotive sector in general. But it was a special request from the art director, so off we went.

I have to admit, doing motion shots in an undercover area is so much easier! There is no need for ND filters, etc. So we went to town on those. I think we ended up doing 5 or 6 of them in total... probably a record for me in 1 shoot.

Other than that, we had fun scooting around the parkade. As usual we had the local 'friendly' security guards come checkup what we were up to...
"yeah, quick, hide that bomb we planting on the car while we driving it..." :P

This DPS also won an internal RamseyMedia award for best layout & photography a couple months later.

Another RedImages Feature

I checked out one of the stock libraries I sometimes submit images to & came across my 2nd banner feature. I think I posted a topic about the 1st one some time ago. Seeing as it's stock imagery I'm all too happy that they promote me. :)

Private Beemer 325Ci Sports

This definitely falls into the 'older' category of work I've been doing. Even though I've never blogged about it.

Well, the story of this one is that this beemer belongs to a friend of mine who is probably one of the biggest BMW fans I know. Really, this guy can tell you the history & minute by minute details of BMW. He also takes the prize for most careful car owner I've ever met. I think this beemer even has it's own blanket for when it gets parked at night. :P Ok, maybe not that bad...

Anyways, we took this shoot out to Stellenbosch area & it's really one of the best places to shoot. Purely because you can chose if you want to be in between the mountains or forest drives... Superb location I still use often.

There was a deal that we were going to do a part-2 of this shoot in a city scape, but to be honest, its never happened just yet. I very very seldom have 'free time' & the times I do, the car owner is busy. So we like trains passing in the night. Maybe I'll get round to it someday...

Catching Up On Posts

I actually don't know how I will go about catching up on the huge amount of stuff I've done since the end of last year where I was cut off from my blogging-bliss. I'll try my best to post some 'older' stuff every now & then. Just bear with me if it's an older image which you have seen before. I'll tell a bit of a story with it to make it interesting. :)

For now, I'll start off with 1 image that I've retouched. It's a bit of an older image, but still had huge potential to be retouched better. With a trip to the Northern Cape (that story later), I had some breathtaking mountain ranges to shoot & use as comp backgrounds. Thats where this one comes from, somewhere between Cape Town & Poffadder. Yes, I in fact found this place. A 1 donkey town really... and 1 resturant that can't spell to save their donkey. But that's another story.

So here is the image I've retouched. You will immediately notice it from a while ago. The GWM 4x2 Steed which I had for the day for a shoot. Hope you enjoy...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Back from the dead... almost.

It pains me to have had such a huge gap in my blogging. Months. A whole new year even decided to come around between when I left off & now... it's a tale that makes voilin players appear magically at my side.

In any case, I'm back on the blog wagon. I've got myself setup with one of my clients NeoTel, so I now am connecting wirelessly with my telephone unit thingy that has an aerial. Very cool indeed.

This is just basically a refresher post to introduce a huge amount of updates which will be streaming in over the next couple weeks. This week I'm shooting non-stop till Friday night, so I doubt I'll be getting any time for blogging.

But the weekend shall bring the new images I've been doing since the end of last year... and there are lots! With some awesome stories too.

Sunday, September 14, 2008 v2.1

Many people ask me why I keep changing my website. Well, the answer is simple. Like I am with a brief or contract, I will not stop until I am completely satisfied with the end result.

The previous version looked the part, however its functionality was lacking... With some input from several more tech savy friends, I've come up with re-inventing the cogs & wheels of how my gallery works.

So if you havn't seen it already, go check out the new & improved Let me know what you think. Drop me a mail.

Animal Anti-Cruelty Awareness

The AACL (Animal Anti-Cruelty League) is a NPO that works for the good of abused, abandoned & neglected animals. A little while ago, I decided that I wanted to do some work for the NPO's & Charity organisations in my area. AACL was one of the first to get back to me & was one of the first to get something done.

A series of posters that will be used at schools & distribution, this one was for awareness of AACL. Statistics need a nice boost & awareness of what an organisation does is crucial. More posters for the AACL to come in the following months...