Friday, August 15, 2008

Run for Cover!

This time last month, I found myself on the unfinished bridge in Cape Town, it was before sunrise, I had only managed to get half a cup of coffee down before having to start shooting. Before me I had 3 of the hottest cars around... Aston Martin DBS, Ferrari Scuderia & Mercedes SL63.

This was one of the TopCar cover options for Sept 08 issue. The supercars issue! We hardly had to do much to make this trio look good together. I was very happy with how the shot came out, even though the the final image never made cover, as another story came through just before cut-off date, I'm told. No matter, I loved the shot & is definitely one I'll be keeping for a while!

I then shot a short suppliment with the Aston DBS, as a small feature for one of the supercars of the lot. A couple from there:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dominique Test Shoot

The latest from another test shoot with Base Models, this time a girl.

Model: Dominique
MUA: Kristeen
Stylist: Justin

Lambo Superleggera & Audi R8

The second installment of "rain shooting aka The Flood™". After the first session I was alot more willing to go get myself, my assistant, everything soaking wet again.

A gorgeous couple of cars this time too, Lambo Superleggera & Audi R8. Requested that the focus be put on the Lambo alot more than the R8. Lets hope I get to have a nice session with the R8 at some point... maybe even get an exclusive scoop on shooting the new V12 R8!

Again, I'll post the tear sheets in a seperate post, I have to still scan them in, etc.

Aston Martin Vantage

I was tempted to give up on doing any further shoots in the pouring rain, but after I had gotten home & taken a look at these shots, I quickly changed my mind. A little bit of sacrifice for a large difference in atmosphere & feel in a shoot.

This was done for Wiel over a month ago, it has been a long wait to show these! Right now I am a bit too busy to still scan in the tear sheets, I'll do so asap in another post. Overall I loved how these came out, and driving home soaking wet didn't seem such a biggie in retrospect. However at the time.... hehe

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Ring Leader...

It isn't everyday that one gets to design a ring (from the humble sketches on a napkin), and then see it go all the way through to a finished product. Recently, I had the opportunity to do so.

Designed by myself, made by Wolf Bros (special thanks to them for putting up with my continual checking up on the progress). The photo below is a bit of experimentation as far as jewelry photography goes. Shot without a lightbox, but instead 1 softbox (positioned below the ring), and a series of reflective bouncers all around. I know it's not how you meant to shoot rings specifically, but as mentioned it was some experimentation & I think the final result wasn't bad at all!

Oh and, btw, I am now engaged to my beautiful fiance... :)