Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not Forgotten

To all my masses of adoring fans *cough*, I just want to say that I've not forgotten about my blog. I know the weekend has come & gone (with the new one looming ahead), and there hasn't been any post.

Things have been a little on the hectic side. I've changed slightly in my schedule slightly, so I found myself without an internet connection for a few days. BUT, I have finally taken the plunge, and now have gotten myself a wireless uncapped connection for home. Yay me. I've been told I can't complain about it only being a 256k connection, so I won't go into details of how much slower it is than I'm used to. :P

Just a quick summary of what I've been up to this last week:
- End of last week I did a shoot for WIEL magazine. It will be in the July issue.
- Yesterday I did another shoot for WIEL magazine, this time their monthly car shootout (2 cars). Also July issue if I'm not mistaken.

Unfortunately I can't post any pictures of that yet, as it has to go to print first. But, I can say that both shoots are definitely a new personal benchmark in terms of my level of work.

As far as forthcoming attractions go, at the end of the month I have a shoot (in planning) that has a definite... ancient vintag to it. I don't want to give too much away. :)
And then the start of May, I'll be bringing you something on wheels. Thats bright orange & if you blink, it would pass you. :D I know its all very secretive, but I like to keep something to the imagination.

Thats it from me for now, I'll be back later this week with some random play-arounds I'm doing.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Weekend Random's #04

I do need to apologise. I am a day late with the Weekend Random post. But in my defense, I have been busy with more things to tell you about.

For example yesterday, I did another shoot for WIEL magazine, which is going to rock people's socks! I am on a huge campaign to achieve 'Advertising Campaign' levels of work. And I think this shoot I did yesterday started hinting at it. Its actually a completely different way of shooting completely. I had to make a determined effort to shoot differently, with my ultimate goal in mind.

But enough about that. My weekend past. It was indeed a busy one. Not really to do with any work related things, but I was all over the place. Lets tell the story...

Cafe Caprice. Camps Bay. They have THE best buffalo wings EVER! But then failed miserably on the calamari. As seen bellow there was left over calamari (which was completely gross, tough & felt like I was chewing on my 15" tires with some spices). While in the background, was the completely devoured buffalo wings. Which we had to fight over. :P

And then moving onto another place which name eludes me, the view had such a Miami feel to it. Pic is colour corrected (before you say, hey those trees look a little on the blue side). Of course this just made me miss traveling, and makes me want to get on a plane to visit all the places I've been before: London, Miami, LA, New York, etc. *le sigh*

And then the best T-Shirt I've seen in a while: "I'm the hot friend" with a matching "I'm the loud friend". Classic.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Public Feedback

While my blog has only been going for less than a month, I would love to know what my reader feedback is.

So, if you have taken a look, read a bit, love it, hate it, think its mediocre, don't know me, know me, want to work with me, etc. Drop me an email.

I would love just a quick mail. It takes 2 seconds. Indulge me?

Supercars of the World Series

Seeing as I ultimately want to become one of the authority figures in automotive photography in SA, let me post some more automotive photography I have done. I intend on winning the 2008 Automotive Photographer of the year award, as well as place in the FujiFilm Professional Photographic Competition for 2008, for the Automotive category. I'll keep working towards that, and if I do indeed win any awards, I'll be sure to let everyone know about it. :D

Right, this post is for a personal series called "Supercars of the World". It comprises of a interior shot done in similar style, but only of an exotic car. Below is the interior of an Audi R8, Ferrari 599GTB, & Maserati.

The original idea was to create something which had a very advertorial feel to it. Something you would see for a motoring manufacturer advert. Its also ultimately my goal to shoot for car manufacturers, this is a future prospect when I have refined my work a lot more.

WIEL Tearsheets

Some tearsheets from the April 2008 issue of WIEL Magazine. Its their 30th Anniversary issue, so it was a really nice issue to start shooting with Ramsay, Son & Parker (RS&P) Magazine House

There are 2 shoots I did, seperate articles. The one was a article on Diesel being in SA for x amount of years. The other, being for Ford.

The shoot that involved the girl, the criteria given were very specific. They wanted a vintage, 60's look, which still had a little bit of an edge on sexy.